VALORANT Act 2 adds Killjoy, Deathmatch, and More
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August 4, 2020

VALORANT Act 2 adds Killjoy, Deathmatch, and More

VALORANT Act 2 has arrived with a fresh battle pass, a new agent and game mode. Players can also use the new cosmetics that come as a part of the battle pass including the Glitchpop! skin collection. Act 2 also adds new ranks and balance nerfs to Raze.

VALORANT Act 2 updates and changes live now.

Killjoy joins VALORANT while Raze receives nerfs in Act 2. There’s also new Act 2 ranks, a new Deathmatch game mode and bug fixes. Image Credit to Riot Games.

KillJoy – The Twelfth VALORANT Agent

VALORANT Act 2 releases new VALORANT agent Killjoy.

Killjoy uses robots and turrets to damage enemies. Image Credit: Riot Games.

KillJoy is the twelfth and latest agent to join the game as part of the VALORANT Act 2 update. The agent which bears resemblance to Overwatch’s Torbjorn received mixed reactions from the community. Many players believe the new agent might be overpowered in a competitive landscape. But VALORANT’s character lead designer, Ryan “Morello” Scott, highlighted various ways to counter Killjoy in a Twitch Q&A.

Players can finally play the new agent and develop new strategies and counters with Killjoy.

VALORANT Act 2 Ranks

The developers have added Act ranks to the game. Players should expect a conservative rank in Act 2 (which will likely be two rank tiers lower than the Act 1 rank). Competitive matchmaking will also hold a higher chance to match solo and solo/duo players against similarly sized premade groups, at the cost of slightly longer queue times. VALORANT players can dive deep into the Act 2 rank and competitive changes on the official website.

New Game Mode – Deathmatch

VALORANT players long asked for a deathmatch game mode and they finally got their wish. The VALORANT Act 2 update adds a free-for-all Deathmatch game mode.

Here are the most important features of the new game mode according to the patch notes.

  • 10-player free-for-all.
  • First to 30 kills with a time limit of 6 minutes.
  • No abilities.
  • Players load in as a random owned Agen.
  • Buy any weapon wanted; heavy armor is given automatically.
  • Killing enemies drops health kits: picking one up fully restores health/armor AND automatically reloads weapons.
  • All enemies are periodically revealed on the minimap.

Riot Games is incentivizing constant action in deathmatch games. With enemies being periodically revealed and dropping health kits on elimination, players receive big incentives to search for constant action in the server.

Act 2 Battle Pass

VALORANT Act 2 battle pass brings several cosmetics sure to excite players. The developers even talked about the skins and the process behind the design of some of these cosmetics in an announcement video.

VALORANT Act 2 patch notes are available on the official website for fans to view. Stay tuned to Esportz Network for the latest VALORANT news and updates.

Written by Rohan Samal

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