VALORANT Astra Abilities, Episode 2 Act 2, and More
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February 28, 2021

VALORANT Astra Abilities, Episode 2 Act 2, and More

Riot Games announced the newest agent, Astra, alongside the upcoming launch of VALORANT Episode 2 Act 2. Arriving in live servers soon, Astra aims to change the game with her interstellar abilities that sweep enemies from right under. Additionally, with her release comes a VALORANT battle pass full of cosmetics and collectibles for players to attain.

VALORANT Astra Abilities

Astra harnesses the power of the cosmos to temporarily alter the battlefield and provide her team with a tactical advantage. The Ghanian joins Brimstone, Omen, and Viper as the newest controller agent. Equipped with an arsenal of strategical crowd control abilities, Astra is the perfect agent for anyone looking to win the fight before it’s started.

Astra’s abilities synergize well with aggressive game styles and agents like duelists. Her skill kit, when executed correctly, becomes a massive scale-tipper for strategies that reward concise and fast movement. She is equipped with abilities that ward off vision, concuss, and dampen sound and damage. These skills all revolve around throwable stars that Astra utilizes in battle like a conduit for her powers. When done right, new VALORANT agent Astra can divide sites and control areas with ease.

Act 2 Battle Pass

As always, VALORANT Episode 2 Act 2 brings a new battle pass that features collectibles. Players can buy the full version for $10 or settle with the free variants. Despite Acts only lasting two months, this battle pass brings more rewards than previous ones. Players will receive more rewards after tier 50 in a new epilogue section to acquire more cosmetics and other playable features.

Prism 3, Polyfrog and Cavalier are the latest skin lines to enter VALORANT. Although no official date has been given, players can assume that they arrive soon as Astra sets foot into servers next week. Subsequently, the battle pass will end with Act 2.

VALORANT Episode 2 Act 2, Battle Pass, and Astra.

Image credits to Riot Games.

It’s uncertain whether Astra will make a large impact in games or drift through agent pickings. Despite the uncertainty, fans are excited to see a new controller agent revealed, taking the reigns and potentially becoming a must-have for any team. Combined with new skins, Episode 2 Act 2 might be one of the best acts players have seen. However, everyone must wait until Astra and her cosmic abilities arrive in VALORANT next week, March 2, with the battle pass.

Written by Jay Hunter

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