VALORANT Astra to get nerf for a bug
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March 2, 2021

VALORANT Astra to get nerf for a bug

Astra, the brand new VALORANT agent, is releasing with an unexpected vision bug and an incoming nerf. This lead to her potentially being overpowered, especially considering the other perks of her Astral Form.

Astra’s main skill is using her Astral Form, projecting her in the air above the battlefield. With that, she can place her utility anywhere on the map, letting her prepare flashes and smokes. But a weird behavior shipped with the new agent.


Normally, she cannot see much while in Astral Form, only seeing the map. However, she’s currently able to monitor the Spike closely and can see if it’s being defused or not. This makes plays like defusing or faking a defuse much harder for the opposing team.

In her current state, VALORANT esports players may look to abuse the Astra bug. Professional players already commented on how she affects the meta.

“If Astra truly comes out tomorrow, she’s going to be so busted,” said Michael “shroud” Grzesiek. “If Astra comes out in this current state tomorrow, no changes at all, she’s going to be busted. The fact that you can see that is so huge.”

Astra Nerf

With the number of pro players complaining about the topic, it is impossible that Riot Games will ignore it. Actually, Riot employee “Altombre” took to Reddit to explain the situation.

Astra can check for fake defuses with her abilities from r/VALORANT

Developers are now looking into changing Astra’s vision of the Spike so enemies can properly fake defuse. Players who try to master new VALORANT agent Astra should know she will soon get a nerf for the Spike bug.

Written by Charles FUSTER


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