VALORANT Champions Tour, global esports in 2021
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November 24, 2020

VALORANT Champions Tour, global esports in 2021

Riot Games goes global as it unveils a new VALORANT tournament series in 2021, VALORANT Champions Tour. VCT will commence around January and end in December 2021. Available worldwide, the tournament series features competitions in every major region. This competitive series aims to provide accessibility and opportunity to all who seek to make their mark. Whether it’s grassroots, A-tiers or amateurs, anyone can become a VALORANT professional.

Valorant Champions Tour 2021

VALORANT Champions Tours is divided into three major structures; Challengers, Masters and Champions. Starting with VALORANT Challengers, a competition that welcomes all through a qualification format. Players will be able to participate in their nearest regional tournament. North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and Latin America will host competitions.

Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2021 format.

Image credit to Riot Games

Secondly, VALORANT Masters, a tournament with the top teams from each region clashing against each other for a spot in the final stage. Lastly, VALORANT Champions, a competition that sees the top 16 esports teams fighting to be number one. There will be three Challengers and Masters events, with the schedule interval being three months apart.

Valorant Challengers

Challengers events all last around six weeks with three open qualifiers. All regions will host their own VALORANT Champions Tour Challengers tournament. Players will have to make it past open and closed qualifiers to reach the finals in VALORANT Challengers. Only eight spots will be available for the finals. Split between the regional tournaments, there will only be sixteen available advancement spots into Masters. Open qualifiers will commence around January, April and July.

Challengers Format.

Image credit to Riot Games

Valorant Masters

Building up towards the main Champions Tour event, VALORANT Masters sees advancing teams from each regional Challengers tournament. Each team will receive points on their performance for the Champions event. Once scored, twelve qualifying esports teams will advance into VALORANT Champions. Additionally, Masters events will likely focus on domestic tournaments rather than LAN due to COVID-19 affecting how Riot Games hosts the series. Masters tournaments are scheduled to start in March, June and September.

VALORANT esports 2021 timeline.

Image credit to Riot Games

Valorant Champions

The Champions event is the finale of VALORANT esports. Lasting around two weeks, the grand tournament features 16 of the best teams. 12 are invited and the other four enter through last-minute qualifiers spread regionally.

VALORANT Champions qualification.

Image credit to Riot Games

A New VALORANT Esports

Overall, VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 is an exciting series for the competitive scene. Not only is it one of the biggest of its kind, but it also provides more than just prizes. VALORANT Champions Tour provides grassroots teams with the opportunity to become underdogs that no one saw coming. It’s another way to find talent and rising stars and test the full capability of the esports scene. In other words, it’s another nailbiting event for fans and players to look forward to next year.

Written by Jay Hunter


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