VALORANT Episode 2 Act 1 and 2021 sneak peaks
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January 11, 2021

VALORANT Episode 2 Act 1 and 2021 sneak peaks

Today, Riot Games hosted esports writer Tyler Erzberger to give out the details of VALORANT Episode 2 Act 1 and its release date of January 12. He spoke with various developers and team members to share more on what’s coming tomorrow and in 2021.

VALORANT Episode 2

Unlike most games that separate large content by seasons, this shooter distinguishes them by episodes and acts. Every two months, a new Act will launch, and every three Acts, or six months, a new Episode launches. Now, with six months since VALORANT’s public release, Episode 2 Act 1 is here to grace players. Besides dropping Yoru, the new VALORANT Agent and duelist, Riot Games spoke on many more features coming in 2021.

The addition of the long-sought-after leaderboard will finally enter the game. A new in-client leaderboard enters the game tomorrow. It’s unique to each region and shows off who truly shines as the best VALORANT players. Anyone Immortal rank or above can be displayed on the VALORANT leaderboard, which even updates in real-time.

Ranked arrows that denoted the movement of a player’s rank will now be removed. In exchange, a numeric rating system exists to clearly show where someone stands. As a comparison, it’s similar to the League of Legends ranked system without promotion series. Other plans include generic quality of life changes. The Riot Games developer team also looks to find a way for friends to queue together in a competitive mode. Although higher rank players can only duo or solo queue together, a new mode is in the works to change that.

Yoru and 2021 Content

Speaking to the map development team, Riot shared that the next VALORANT map will likely drop before the start of Episode 3. Because Icebox dropped sooner than intended, originally planned to launch in VALORANT Episode 2, more may come soon. The next map may launch in Episode 2 Act 3, though nothing is confirmed.

The character and agent team gave more information about the latest VALORANT addition, Yoru. According to the character team, a valuable piece of advice when playing him is to not always take his teleporter. Just because the ability wasn’t destroyed doesn’t mean it’s safe to take back. In regards to the next agents of 2021, another duelist should not be expected for a while. Yoru, the rift making duelist comes with VALORANT Episode 2 Act 1 tomorrow.

VALORANT Esports and Champions Tour

For VALORANT esports, a member of Riot’s esports team spoke on what the team has in store. Currently, the focus for live events depends entirely on when the global pandemic ends. With that in mind, VALORANT Champions Tour is still deep in planning. Everyone can’t wait to see interactions and rivalries around the world between countries. Riot Games even hopes to make VALORANT Champions Tour an equivalent to the League of Legends World Championship.

Another interesting note is the approval of online trash talk. In 2021, more focus will go to individual pros and players, helping them shine as the teams do.

The release date for VALORANT Episode 2 Act 1 is tomorrow, January 11. On top of Yoru, the new duelist, joining the team, Riot Games and Tyler shared many more features in 2021.

Written by Justin Amin


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