VALORANT Patch 2.07 Notes leaked and Astra buffed
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April 9, 2021

VALORANT Patch 2.07 Notes leaked and Astra buffed

The patch notes for VALORANT’s 2.07 update got leaked and reveal a few important changes for the state of the game, including a big Astra buff.

VALORANT Patch Notes 2.07

According to the info found, Riot Games looks to buff Astra and make clarity updates to Raze. This update is not as massive as VALORANT Patch 2.06, which reworked Viper, but still makes much-needed changes. Lots of bug fixes and clarity changes go through in this patch, including a strange bug that caused Marshal shots to not kill enemies affected by Viper’s new decay.

In the VALORANT Patch 2.07 Notes, Raze is getting some audio enhancements to help teams prepare for her explosions. New audio cues now occur when she’s using her blast packs through the air. Her ultimate and explosions also don’t last as long in terms of the sounds they create. This helps declutter the battlefield with all the noise she previously created.

Astra Buff

In order to add more consistency, Astra’s abilities get a major buff to her objective control. In particular, her Gravity Well will receive a buff to what it affects. Now, Astra’s Gravity Well can pull agents who are defusing the spike. Because it couldn’t before, enemies could freely defuse the spike and ignore her stars. Enemies will need to bait out her stars instead since they can interrupt the defuse.

Although this is just a leak, the VALORANT Patch Notes 2.07 looks finalized and further updates are unlikely. The leak appears to only be missing some visual assets and will probably go public next week. Fans can’t wait to see the clarity improvements that come from this.

Written by Justin Amin

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