VALORANT Patch 2.09 adds Replication Game Mode
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May 11, 2021

VALORANT Patch 2.09 adds Replication Game Mode

Riot Games released the VALORANT Patch Notes 2.09, focusing its effort on balance updates, the addition of tactical timeouts, and the brand new Replication game mode.

Games like Overwatch, Rainbow Six: Siege or VALORANT strive on their common uniqueness: a multitude of agents that players can choose from. However, this also makes for hard decisions as players from the same team cannot play the same agent. Riot Games pushed this boundary aside and implemented Replication.

Replication Mode

Replication is a brand new best-of-nine spike mode added in VALORANT Patch 2.09 focusing on agent abilities. At the start of every match, both teams have a choice to make via a pre-game vote. They must decide the one agent everyone on the team will play. Then, the showdown to prove who dominates the battlefield starts.

Rounds last 80 seconds, except pistol rounds where players only get 45 seconds. No matter who wins or loses, the economy stays the same with credits going from 900 to 6000. Abilities (minus ultimates), weapons, and shields are reset every round. All players gan +1 Ultimate point per round, except during overtime.

For now, the only feature to prevent abuse is a short immunity to blindness to those who fall to flashbangs twice within 4 seconds. The VALORANT Replication game mode is live today with the 2.09 update and lasts until May 25.

VALORANT Patch Notes 2.09

With the upcoming VCT Masters Stage 2, Riot Games needed to address the last change made to Viper’s Toxin abilities. Her poison became too deadly these past couple of weeks due to its instant decay. Most players refused to go through her smokes due to how devastating it was. To compromise, developers lowered Toxin’s instant decay to 30.

VALORANT Patch 2.09 also adds tactical timeouts to custom games, which makes it easier to discuss strategy. In customs, teams can call for a timeout twice. Lasting for 60 seconds, a tactical timeout freezes every player’s movement.

The latest VALORANT update also made a few changes to the new map Breeze. The vision spot between Mid-Wood Doors and A Metal Doors does not exist anymore. Finally, many bugs, including player collision, have been fixed to provide a better experience for players.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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