VALORANT Patch Notes 2.0 overbuffs Brimstone
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January 12, 2021

VALORANT Patch Notes 2.0 overbuffs Brimstone

VALORANT Episode 2 Act 1 launches today and with it comes patch notes for the 2.0 update, the next slew of changes and additions.

VALORANT Patch Notes 2.0 for Episode 2 Act 1.

Image credits to Riot Games.

VALORANT Patch 2.0

To start things off, the new update aims to better differentiate controller agents. Since Brimstone and Omen generally only see one or the other on the same team, making them more unique adds value to having both.

Brimstone sees massive buffs across his abilities to keep him relevant. Molotov cost goes down from 300 credits to 200 and his Stim Beacon no longer has an equip time. When it comes to his smokes, the cast range increases by 16% and duration increases by an extra 5 seconds. On top of that, he no longer makes noise when confirming the location of his smokes. Riot hopes to make him more relevant and focused on long-range smokes.

Omen on the other hand will be nerfed in VALORANT Patch 2.0. Riot wants to change his playstyle to create more pressure on enemies, rather than focusing on preliminary smokes and blinds. Paranoia, his blinding ability, gets a cost increase from 200 credits to 400. Omen’s smoke ability, Dark Cover, loses much of its projectile speed, going down from 4000 to 2800. The other controller agent, Viper, will also see changes in VALORANT Episode 2 Act 1 but not now.

The other major change in this VALORANT update brings major nerfs to the Classic pistol. Though it’s the free weapon everyone starts with, its alternate fire is finally recognized as too strong. Now, the basic pistol will receive a nerf to its accuracy when jumping with alt-fire. Repeatedly using the alternate fire lowers the accuracy with each consecutive shot. Players will need to start spacing out shots and not relying on the overpowered three bullet burst. The rest of the VALORANT Patch notes 2.0 are addressed in yesterday’s Riot chat.

Episode 2 Act 1

Following yesterday’s chat with Riot Games about 2021 updates to VALORANT and Episode 2, Act 1 is finally live. Players can log in now to take a look at Yoru and the new changes in-game. Fans long waited to see what new features would enter the game with an unorthodox method separating content. Since each episode lasts six months, Episode 2 is sure to be huge. A new duelist agent, in-game leaderboard, and much more are live for everyone.

VALORANT Episode 2 Act 1 is live today with its release date of January 12. Players who want to play the new agent, Yoru, can unlock him now. The latest update to VALORANT with Patch 2.0 looks to change the whole playstyle, especially with major Brimstone buffs.

Written by Justin Amin


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