VALORANT reveals ranked changes before launch
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June 23, 2020

VALORANT reveals ranked changes before launch

VALORANT was a huge success, from the start of its closed beta to its final release on June 2. Many elements are still being changed by Riot Games after each patch. Fans also got a big sneak peek about the competitive matchmaking. Unfortunately, VALORANT ranked will not be available immediately but will come through later this patch. VALORANT Patch 1.02 has patch notes explaining all the changes.

VALORANT Ranked Mode

Riot Games implemented the placement games system in order to allow friends, even with a huge skill disparity, to play placement games together. However, there is still a limit to fighting smurfing and boosting.

Developers use every day to improve the fairness of the matchmaking system. Riot Games states that “By the end of closed beta, we were narrowing in on matches being about 50/50 fairness for the vast majority of skill groups”.

Nonetheless, Riot is always working on improving matchmaking. For the two highest ranks, player skill differences are minimized. Five players queueing together is the only way to create any difference.

New Rank

Furthermore, to prevent confusion between the game and its ranks, Riot Games decided to change the highest rank from Valorant to Radiant. Developers wanted a unique name but also wanted the top rank to set itself apart.

All rank icons received graphical improvements, including a full-color overhaul. Riot Games received feedback that it was difficult to distinguish between different ranks’ icons, leading to the change.

In VALORANT Act 1, the first two months of public play, players’ progression will be displayed in the lobby and the launcher. Statistics like the total number of wins in the act, the number of wins in the highest ranks reached by the player, and the match history will be included.

Of course, Riot Games got lots of feedback on what players and teams need for VALORANT Patch 1.02. For example, the creation of tools to improve the broadcasting side of the game will be important for VALORANT esports. However, Riot Games stated that the company wants to release a viable competitive matchmaking system as soon as possible. Only after getting mastering the basics of VALORANT ranked play will Riot Games put its resources into stronger tools around it.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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