VALORANT ranks to be revamped according to leak
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July 23, 2020

VALORANT ranks to be revamped according to leak

After the last VALORANT patch, data miners found assets that leak a new VALORANT rank system. A few days ago, an icon already leaked, showcasing what could be next. Instead of a small rank change, Riot Games plans a complete overhaul for the present structure. These new VALORANT ranks should be available after VALORANT Ignition Act 2 launches in a few weeks.

VALORANT Rank Changes Leaked

According to this leak, every rank features five different levels. In its current state, the game only possesses three tiers to grind before going up in ranks. This makes it more difficult and time-consuming to rank up after this new VALORANT patch.

The more players advance in levels, the more decorated the logo becomes. In conjunction with the ranks’ colors, this also quickly determines what level a player is in the game. To determine a player’s progress after a ranked game, colored arrows display rank changes.

Levels will also be implemented on the Radiant rank, something completely new. Previously, hitting VALORANT’s Radiant rank was the end of a player’s journey. This is something that the community constantly asked for.

VALORANT Data Mining

This information gathered by data miners suggests that a ranked reset will be part of the plan. It may be that each new VALORANT Ignition Act is introduced with a rank reset.


Image credits to Riot Games

With this new ranking system and the reset, Riot Games hopes to reduce the skill disparity between players from the same rank and level. Achieving Radiant Level 5 will also prove to be more rewarding and challenging.

Currently, this new VALORANT rank leak knowledge is only based on what is inside the database. It can be changed from now to the launch of Act 2 and the next patch. Nonetheless, fans can start preparing to grind competitive matchmaking again to reach Radiant.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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