VALORANT release date announced with new map, mode and agents
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May 21, 2020

VALORANT release date announced with new map, mode and agents

In a surprising and exciting announcement earlier today, Riot Games revealed the official VALORANT release date for June 2. The globally trending FPS game will include a new map, a new game mode, new cosmetics and a battle pass at launch.

The VALORANT launch will be Riot’s first new major game since releasing League of Legends a decade ago. The free-to-play game has dominated viewership on Twitch since its closed-beta launch. With a focus on raw firepower and Vanguard anti-cheat, Riot Games hopes to tap into the burgeoning FPS game market.

New with VALORANT Launch Date

Players who were a part of the VALORANT closed beta will have their progress reset. VALORANT players can also expect new game modes, a new agent and a new map as part of the game’s launch. VALORANT’s beta will end on May 28, but the closed beta pass rewards will be rolled over for launch.

The game will feature 11 agents at launch, with the eleventh agent to release soon after the VALORANT launch date.

VALORANT esports will see new changes after the VALORANT launch

VALORANT will have eleven agents at launch. Image Credit to VALORANT.

The closed beta program started on April 7 and has already seen much interest from the gaming community. Over 3 million gamers play the game every day and that number will rise after the VALORANT launch date.


With VALORANT breaking concurrent viewership records on Twitch, professional players from other games have jumped ship to be a part of the game’s yet-to-launch esports scene. Former CS:GO players like Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom and Ryan “freakazoid” Abadir already announced their plans to go pro in VALORANT. Meanwhile, Blizzard’s Overwatch League lost its 2019 MVP player, Jay “sinatraa” Won, who retired to compete in VALORANT.

Riot Games will add new servers in Atlanta, Dallas, London, Madrid, and Warsaw in order to cope with the massive influx of players. VALORANT has a lot of catching up to do compared to established games like CS:GO and Overwatch, but it has immense potential to become the next big esport. The VALORANT release date is information fans have been waiting for since launch and today’s announcement signals the next esports breakthrough.

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Written by Rohan Samal

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