Valve changes TI10 Battle Pass after facing criticism
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June 6, 2020

Valve changes TI10 Battle Pass after facing criticism

Valve faced a lot of criticism for making The International 2020 Battle Pass difficult to level up. At that point, listening to community feedback and changing things looked like the only thing to do. As a result, Valve deployed a Dota 2 update with minor changes a few days before. Valve’s team released stats that showed Battle Pass owners earned more free levels this year compared to last year.

TI10 Battle Pass Update

Leveling System

“For Battle Pass players of all levels, on average players have earned 1.95% more free levels than last year,” said Valve. “If we consider only players who after a week were below level 200, on average they have earned 7.91% more free levels than last year,” The company went ahead to mention that it still “recognize that players still feel that they wish playing granted more”. So, developers increased rewards players would receive from Wagering, Guild Contracts, and Side shop Gold.

Removing the Side Shop

Even then, there was a significant concern among the community, which leads to this update. Valve decided to remove the Side Shop.
Sithil and Quirt’s reimagined Side Shop has been shut down. Immortals can now be recycled using the same system as last year. For players who already recycled immortals, the system will automatically backfill their progress. It will also grant them additional immortal treasures as appropriate. Any rewards previously earned through the Side Shop will remain in player inventories. If they still have gold and wish to continue rolling in the Side Shop, players can use the “dota_show_sideshop” command.

TI9 Weekly Wagering

Weekly wagering has also been regressed to how it was during The International 9, with battle points available from wagering now the same as last year.

Battle Pass Update

Image credits to Valve.

This update brings the removal of ticket requirements for the Gauntlet mode. Players can now simply participate and enjoy this game mode. Earlier players received multiple entry tickets alongside the purchase of Battle Pass, which could then be redeemed to play this mode. Further purchase of tickets could be done via the Side Shop. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the battle pass update has been made as the Side Shop is now closed. This Dota 2 Battle Pass update is the first step for Valve to regain some momentum.

Written by Chandan Padhi

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