Zain Results at Smash Camp 2019 ?
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September 17, 2019

Zain Results at Smash Camp 2019 ?

Smash Camp

The End of Summer may have had some high tier Melee players in attendance, but the tournament itself was a fairly casual affair. With many players either not playing their main characters, throwing back a few beers, or just not trying hard, as HugS would put it, nothing was too out of the ordinary for a lower end Melee event.

A few notable names didn’t make it too far in the bracket.

Axe, the best Melee Pikachu, decided to play Young Link the entire event. HugS, a top-level Samus, was eliminated in Losers’ Bracket Round three. Westballz’s Falco also fell in Losers’ Round five. The top eight shook out to be Captain Faceroll, Albert, Spark, aMSa, S2J, Mango, Zain, escortsachimota, and n0ne. Spark and Albert earned top eight honors after going into Losers’ early and beating Lego and Ginger respectively. Captain Faceroll lost to Mango in Winners’ Quarterfinals while aMSa met the same fate at S2J’s hand. A 3-0 against Schythed for Captain Faceroll and a reverse sweep against Westballz for aMSa resulted in their top eight positions.

In the Winners’ Semifinals, n0ne defeated S2J 3-2 in an incredibly tense Captain Falcon ditto which ended in a last stock showdown on Yoshi’s Island.

On the other side, Zain convincingly dispatched Mango in a 3-1 set, partially due to Mango self-destructing off of his own combos.

An unstoppable force.

Zain and n0ne advanced to Winners’ Finals while S2J and Mango fell to Losers’ Semifinals.

S2J, unfortunately, met his tournament end in another five-game series, this time to Captain Faceroll. Every game in the set was decided by one stock except for game three, which saw Faceroll’s Sheik take a four stock victory. Mango fared no better, departing the tournament after a 3-1 loss against Spark. A top four of Spark, Captain Faceroll, Zain, and n0ne was set.

Zain easily took down n0ne in the only 3-0 in top eight to advance to Grand Finals. N0ne would play the winner of Spark vs Captain Faceroll, a Sheik ditto match. Spark would be on the receiving end of a 3-1 loss, sending Captain Faceroll into Losers’ Finals with a guaranteed top-three finish. As expected, n0ne shut him down in another 3-1 series, setting the stage for a Winners’ Finals rematch.

Unfortunately for n0ne, the result would be the same. Although he could take one game off of Zain this time, the reign of Zain was unstoppable. Zain took first place at Smash Camp: End of Summer. A smaller tournament win for sure, but it’s given him valuable experience going into Mainstage 2019 the upcoming weekend.

Mainstage begins on September 20 and runs for two days. It also features prominent players such as Hungrybox, Leffen, Axe, Mango, and more. The momentum gained from Smash Camp helps Zain come into Mainstage strong as he continues to prove himself.

Credit: Zakaria Almughrabi

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