Nvidia RTX Game On and esports technology
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January 12, 2021

Nvidia RTX Game On and esports technology

The Nvidia RTX Game On broadcasting event ended today, unveiling both new technologies and the RTX 3060 for gamers and esports players.

Esports teams and players are always interested in new hardware innovations to improve their performances. In addition, knowing more about the material they are playing with allows them to be more accurate in different aspects like shooting or building. This new Nvidia event had some news that should interest them.

Nvidia RTX Game On

Nvidia Reflex

During the launch of the GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs, Nvidia also unveiled a suite of software designed to optimize latency and responsiveness in games. When activated, the Reflex Low Latency Mode basically makes the gameplay much more responsive. In fact, it is already implemented in games like Fortnite, VALORANT, and Apex Legends.

Because of its wide success in the esports world, Nvidia pushed its technology further by implementing it into both Overwatch and Rainbow Six: Siege. Latency means everything in esports and Nvidia understands it.

Image credits to Nvidia

Reflex Latency Analyzer

The second tool that came with Nvidia Reflex is the Latency Analyzer, which allows for the gathering of multiple data related to monitor effectiveness. For example, it can measure the time between a click on a mouse and the action happening on the screen.

While it was possible before, it still required a heavy investment in measuring tools. Nvidia just announced a whole new batch of gaming monitors with this integrated-system. With this technology becoming more popular, more mainstream esports players will be able to use it.

Image credits to Nvidia

Esports on Laptops

There actually is a reason why most professional esports players are playing on desktop computers. For a time, it was the lack of power coming from laptop graphics cards. But taking into account the fact that a lot of professional players are playing in lower resolutions and settings, it is not the case now. What made all the difference in the world was screens, mostly high refresh rate monitors.

Nvidia understood that fact and worked behind the scene to bring laptops with up to 360-hertz displays into laptops on top of its RTX graphic cards. This could potentially lead to an increase in popularity for esports and gaming on laptops.

Image credits to Nvidia

Of course, Nvidia also dedicated a decent portion of its event to DLSS, Real-Time Ray-Tracing, and its new $329 RTX 3060. However, in the case of esports, the trade between nicer graphics and performance is not worth it in most cases. It requires an esports title created with RTX in mind to have it make a real impact. Still, Nvidia keeps on bringing avenues for growth in esports related hardware.

Written by Charles Fuster


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