Will Call of of Duty Black Ops Cold War be a best seller?
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November 6, 2020

Will Call of of Duty Black Ops Cold War be a best seller?

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is just days away from release and with every new game comes an opportunity for Activision to light the fire that once was and bring COD back to the top as a best seller.

Call of Duty Top Sellers

In this piece, I will go over which Call of Duty titles are the best selling games in the franchise and look at how fans can start to gather insight into where Black Ops Cold War could end up on this list.

Here are the top five selling Call of Duty titles of all time as of October 2019 according to Statista.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 – 26.72 Million

Black Ops 3 came at a time of great uncertainty in the COD community. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare completely flipped the switch on how the game would be played for the next couple of years. But Advanced Warfare saw a mixed reception with many fans angry at the fact Activision approved such drastic changes to not only the casual experience but also the competitive experience.

Treyarch decided while it would be too soon to completely move away from the advanced movement, they made impactful adjustments that would see them produce one of the best COD games to be produced

Call of Duty Ghosts – 28.8 Million

Similarly to Black Ops 3, Call of Duty Ghosts performed much better in the financial department as a best seller. Call of Duty Ghosts will always be an iconic game in the franchise whether that will be for better or for worse. In fact, Ghosts was the first-ever COD title to be released on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 which were the two next-generation consoles at the time.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 – 29.59 Million

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 stood the test of time and is perceived as one of the greatest COD titles in history. Black Ops 2 came near the end of the Xbox 360 and PS3 era. The game played incredibly well for an old generation game. Even to this day, Black Ops 2 is heavily populated throughout all platforms and will forever remain in the hearts of many Call of Duty fans.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 – 30.97 Million

Modern Warfare 2 sends its regards as to why Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 was one of the biggest selling Call of Duty titles of all time. Modern Warfare 3 comes in second on this list and rightfully so. Infinity Ward held a next-to-impossible job of improving on one of the best games and sellers in Call of Duty history with Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 3 was excellent in its own way, keeping the same successful formula while adding new features. Infinity Ward also did an excellent job wrapping up one of the greatest trilogies in the video game genre through their immense single-player story.

Call of Duty Black Ops – 30.99 Million 

Black Ops is one of the best COD titles in history, perhaps even the best depending on who you ask. Call of Duty Black Ops was a masterpiece in every fashion. The first Black Ops puts every game available today in the dust throughout every single mode. Their campaign was one of the best campaigns in Call of Duty history. Multiplayer kept the winning formula from Modern Warfare 2 but improved upon it.

Treyarch studied what worked and what they can add to give the multiplayer its own touch. Even through to Zombies, Black Ops was the game in which the zombies mode was kicked into high gear and became a global phenomenon.

Black Ops Cold War

If Call of Duty Modern Warfare is anything to go by then COD Black Ops Cold War will become a top seller. As the recent Modern Warfare has not finished its cycle yet, I believed it was not fair to put them on the list. Though if it was to be on this list then it would have surpassed Black Ops as the best selling Call of Duty title in history.

Modern Warfare was another decisive game in the history of the franchise. The game had many problems and a lot of hiccups upon release. Infinity Ward did well in steadying the ship and with the release of the Warzone game mode, Activision found a positive return in free-to-play players purchasing the full $60 game.

Black Ops Cold War has done tremendously well as far as the YouTube numbers go. On the official reveal trailer for Cold War, the game received over 9.5 million views. When comparing this to Infinite Warfare, which holds the record as one of the most disliked videos in YouTube history, COD Cold War is in safe hands.

Treyarch’s approach must be solid and the game needs constant updates. I expect Black Ops Cold War to fall in line with the numbers that MW produced and be a best seller. Although I expect there to be a large influx in numbers once the community can identify whether the game has any long-term legs.

Written by Jordan Marney


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