World Warriors and Final Fighters Reunite in Capcom Summer Bundle
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August 1, 2019

World Warriors and Final Fighters Reunite in Capcom Summer Bundle

Capcom has released the first gameplay trailers for their newest release of returning faces and one more familiar brawler.

Capcom has once again failed to keep any surprises in the wake of another EVO, after leakers got a hold of a video that was posted on Steam, taking the proverbial cat out of the bag that this was the surprise that was going to happen after the Street Fighter 5 finals had finished, as tradition. The release includes two returning faces, E. Honda and Poison, and a new to the Street Fighter series, Final Fight 3 representative, Lucia.


Honda first made his debut on the original version of Street Fighter 2: The World Warriors. Hailing from Japan, Honda brings his signature sumo style machine gun slaps and body throwing strong style. His newest incarnation’s V-Triggers include Tajikarao, what seems to be a command grab, and Onigawara, using his infamous head butt attack to crush the opponent’s guards.


Lucia, a Metro City Police detective, makes an impact in her debut with lightning-fast kicks and powerful strikes that would make any Mad Gear member quake in their boots. Her V-triggers, Burning Fight, an active buff which ignites her kicks to leave enemies ablaze, and Weapon Fury, letting Lucia deal street fighting justice with her nightstick.


Poison returns to the fight, also hailing from Metro City, trading her riding crop with a mighty whip. This may be downplayed, but this actually changes her playstyle as the whip now extends the range of her attacks, even adding a swing akin to Spiderman’s Web Swing in Marvel vs Capcom. Her V-Triggers are Toxic Glamour, which is unclear from the gameplay video, but it looks to be a speed buff on her attacks, and Poison Cocktail, where Poison lobs Molotov cocktails to burn and juggle opponents.

One common thing that each character brings with them, besides updated looks, is the fact that their Super Moves are very lackluster. Honda’s are his basic palm strikes made into a Super, Lucia’s super is too similar to Ken’s Guren Senpukyaku, and Poison’s is a rehashed, seemingly censored version of her Super from Street Fighter IV.

Overall, these are relatively safe additions to the current roster, time will tell their effectiveness in competitive play as they won’t be playable at EVO. Keep an eye out for pros figuring out what to do with these new fighters when they release on Sunday, August 4th.

Credit: Rudolf Baldovino

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