China Dota2 Pro Cup ends with Elephant’s 145K lead
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November 29, 2020

China Dota2 Pro Cup ends with Elephant’s 145K lead

On November 29, Elephant sets a new record for the highest gold difference in a professional Dota 2 esports match. When faced against EHOME in the semifinals of the China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 2, the third decisive game took longer than they liked. Regardless, it let them surpass their limits and set a world record in Dota history.

Elephant’s Roster

Team Elephant is the latest addition to China’s Dota 2 esports competitive scene. Formed by an alliance of prodigies and renowned players, Elephant’s roster looks like it was created by a sports manager with the best players.

  • Zhang “Eurus” Chengjun
  • Lu “Maybe” Yao
  • Zhou “Yang” Haiyang
  • Xu “fy” Linsen
  • Ru “RedPanda” Zhihao

But their official debut was unexpectedly off to a rough start. Elephant managed to secure a spot in the playoffs but was instantly kicked down to the lower bracket by Team Aster. Miraculously, despite being at the brim of elimination, Elephant prevailed and won every match till the grand finals. One of its most excruciating matches was the quarterfinals match versus PSG.LGD, where they played against Zhao “XinQ” Zixing, a strong Techies player.

Eventually, Elephant managed to pick off Cheng “NothingToSay” Jin Xiang, PSG.LGD’s mid player, and punished them with a big push to end the gruesome 90-minute game.

Elephant vs EHOME

Just when fans thought it couldn’t get crazier than a master Techies game, EHOME attempted to challenge Elephant into a battle of endurance and patience. In the third game of the China Dota2 Pro Cup semifinals, Elephant was in control the entire game, having secured a decent lead of 36K gold at only 36 minutes. In most cases, a game this one-sided would end abruptly with just one more team fight, but the game prolonged for much longer, even without a Techies.

EHOME stepped up their game with an unbreakable defense against Elephant despite the net worth difference. However, Elephant wasn’t going to let this be another classic comeback game and took precautions not to overextend their welcome. Every time they knocked on their opponents’ doors, they quickly backed off when EHOME bought back their heroes.

The endless cycle went on, but Elephant just wasn’t losing any players, allowing them to grow their gold lead. At some point, the team’s support player decided that he too needed to be a carry. He farmed so much that he had 2 Divine Rapiers at his disposal, dealt 50,000 damage and had the highest net worth among his allies.

Of course, all that contributed to Elephant’s ridiculous pool of a 154K gold difference.

China Dota2 Pro Cup 154K Gold Lead

According to Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen, who runs datdota, this was the most significant gold lead a Dota 2 esports team ended the game with. Furthermore, it was a massive outlier, as the new record surpassed the former by 170%. After that series, Elephant went on to sweep the grand finals with Team Aster, earning them the title of champions of the China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 2.

With such an impressive tournament run, opponents must pay more respect to the new Dota 2 esports team. Fans can certainly look forward to their next battle at The International 10.

Written by Marcus Wong


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