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January 19, 2021

Six Invitational 2021 Esports Guide and Details

Ubisoft shared the official details and a guide for Rainbow Six Siege esports‘ biggest competition of the year, Six Invitational 2021. The World Championship of Rainbow Six Siege hosts an in-person event in Paris, France from February 9 to February 21 with a funded prize pool through the Six Invitational Battle Pass. For its fifth […]

December 17, 2020

Rainbow Six Siege adds new reputation system

Ubisoft shared some information today regarding the rollout of a new Reputation System in-game for Rainbow Six Siege. 📢New Dev Blog📢 Learn all about the new Reputation System in Siege in our detailed Dev Blog here→ — Rainbow Six Siege (@Rainbow6Game) December 17, 2020 Reputation System Ever since announcing the new Reputation System […]

December 4, 2020

Rainbow Six Siege celebrates fifth birthday with Neon Dawn

On December 1, 2020, Rainbow Six: Siege celebrated its fifth birthday by dropping the Operation Neon Dawn patch on the live servers. The 60GB update for PC and 35.90GB update for consoles promises to lessen the strain on the memory of all platforms and adds next-gen compatibility. The huge update not only brings Aruni to […]

November 30, 2020

Six Invitational teams qualified for Rainbow Six Siege esports

Rainbow Six Siege esports finally finished the last of its regional finals yesterday and the Six Invitational 2021 sees 16 of the 20 total teams qualified for the event. #SixInvitational 2021 🇫🇷 @TeamBDS 🇺🇸 @TSM 🇰🇷 @Cloud9 🇧🇷 @NiPGaming 🇺🇸 @DarkZeroGG 🇧🇷 @TeamLiquidBR 🇸🇬 @GiantsGamingENG 🇺🇸 @SpacestationGG 🇧🇷 @teamoneesports 🇷🇺 @virtuspro 🇦🇺 @Wildcard_GG 🇷🇺 @team_empire […]

November 24, 2020

Rainbow Six Siege updates esports roadmap and delays World Cup

Ubisoft released some updates on the roadmap for upcoming Rainbow Six Siege esports events in 2020 and 2021. These updates cover Regional Finals 2020, the Six Invitational 2021, and the Rainbow Six World Cup. An update on Rainbow Six Esports competitions for 2020, as well as part of 2021. Read more about upcoming regional finals, […]

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