Valve delays new Dota 2 hero and updates esports
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November 26, 2020

Valve delays new Dota 2 hero and updates esports

Valve gave the Dota 2 community an update yesterday on its esports scene and promised updates, including information on the new character.

Valve Update

Commonly known for a lack of communication, Valve surprised fans with this news. This blog post speaks of a quick update regarding the company’s activity.

The new Dota 2 competitive season starts December 1 and brings new features. A seasonal quest reset, a new seasonal treasure, and much more will go through with the new season. More importantly, Valve provided more insight on approaches to tackling cheaters. Overwatch, Valve’s tool for detecting cheaters and hackers in both CS:GO and now Dota 2, will see new updates. In CS:GO, players will volunteer their time to review suspected cheaters and truly determine the problem. This is likely the type of countermeasure entering Dota 2

New Dota 2 Hero

Regarding the new Dota 2 hero that fans looked forward to, Valve updated the community and the new character will be delayed. Thankfully, the new Dota 2 hero now has a solid release date. Unless another delay happens, players will see her release mid-December alongside the 7.28 gameplay update. She will probably be announced and revealed in the coming weeks until the update.

Regarding the Dota Pro Circuit and its 2021 esports season, updates came on the year’s schedule. The next season of Dota 2 esports starts on January 18 for 16 teams in their region. Specifically, each major region has its own Regional League with 16 teams in two divisions. Although no more information is available yet, the best teams around the world will compete in the first Major of 2021.

Recently, Valve has tried to beat its stereotype through communication on its premier esports titles. Dota 2 received major news last month with info on the future of the game and the new heroes. Now with this update, the company is improving its level of communication with fans. Now the esports scene needs to get an update on The International 10 to truly be satisfied.

Written by Justin Amin


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