Only 2 Days Away from Fortnite Champion Series S3:1 Grand Finals
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March 3, 2022

Only 2 Days Away from Fortnite Champion Series S3:1 Grand Finals

The Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 3 Season 1, which started a couple of weeks ago, has finally reached its climax with players from various regions up to the challenge.

In the next few days, spectators will witness those who earn their regional throne and pocket a chunk out of the FNCS 3:1$3,008,500 prize pool.

Fortnite Champion Series

Leading up to the finals, various bigshots have remained steadily approaching during the FNCS 3:1. G2 LeTsHe and Alba Swillium have qualified for the EU Finals, while TSM Snacky and 33 Favs won in the semis, therefore proceeding to the NA West Finals.

Some underdogs have also made it past the professional pool with tremendous and uncalled skill. Ignite Saltyy and Assault Kruyor earned their rightful place in the NA West Finals through a 10-elimination Victory Royale, further displaying unparalleled capabilities among this season’s players.

These are only a couple of duo teams that have made it to their regional grand finals. After making it past two qualifiers and a semi-final, fans will see 50 teams compete in their respective regional finals.

Each regional final comprises 16 top placing teams from the qualifiers, 16 Victory Royale winners from the semi-finals, and 18 other duos from the semi-finals based on leaderboard standing.

Divided between all regional finals (Europe, NA East and West, Brazil, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East), participating players will receive a share of the whopping $3 million prize pool.

The highest Fortnite Champion Series cut will be shared amongst pros in the Europe Finals, which will be $1,362,500. The second highest would be shared amongst players in NA East with an earning pool of $600+ thousand, followed by Brazil at $400+ thousand and so on.

The Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals will kick off on March 5. Fans can find out more about the nitty-gritty technical information related to the competition rules here.

FNCS Cosmetics

Epic Games has added a little more spice to the competition and released a new FNCS Champion Outfit, Back Bling, and Lobby Track for fans to collect and wear in the game.

FNCS Chapter 3,Fortnite Champion Series

Image Credits to Epic Games

Costing 800 V-Bucks, the FNCS Champion Outfit features a blue and yellow layout and color pattern. It has two accessible features, one allowing players to put their hood on and another taking it off.

Also, the “Winner’s Mark” Back Bling and “Infinite Hype” Lobby Track can be purchased by players for an additional 200 V-Bucks each in the store.

With only a couple of days left before the show is over, fans can cheer on their favorite players and teams this following March 5 as the FNCS 3:1 Grand Finals unfold.

For those in search of more information, the official Twitter account of the Fortnite Champions Series will post the schedules and broadcasts for each respective regional final.

Written by Jay Hunter

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