Nebula V is All Around Call of Duty Warzone Season 2
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February 14, 2022

Nebula V is All Around Call of Duty Warzone Season 2

Raven Software has just launched Call of Duty Warzone Season 2, which comes with a massive list of bug fixes, new weapons, modes, and Operators.

Warzone Season 2

Gameplay Features and Vehicles

The Redeploy ballons allow players to move around strategically at the cost of some money. The new defensive A.I units have been implemented in various locations to bring more life to the fight. Portable Decontamination Station, or PDS, can be used or vehicle-mounted to provide breathable air while surrounded by gas. The new Nebula V Rounds ammunition creates a small gas cloud following a kill.

Nebula V Bomb Ammo

Image Credits to Activision

Into the season, the Nebula V Bombs will be available, which triggers an explosion that deals a massage amount to all operators without a gas mask. In addition, the new Armored Convoys will represent an important looting opportunity. As far as vehicles go, although the Bomber Planes are new, there are a lot of adjustments to previous transportations systems.

Events and Modes

The new Search and Deploy event, providing multiple phases over the upcoming weeks, centers around infiltrating the Nebula V compound.

Search and Deploy

Image Credits to Activision

At launch, in the Caldera Clash mode, 48 operators separated into two teams will grant a point to their team per kill, using the wild events and power-ups to get an edge. Into the season, the Iron Trials and Caldera Resurgence game modes will also make their long-awaited return.

Finally, Raven Software has made sure to differentiate Battle Royale and Vanguard Royale by not only their names but what type of experience they offer to the community as well.

Map Locations

The two brand new map locations are obviously related to the new Search and Deploy event. First, despite the Chemical Factory’s layout resembling the one from the building it replaced, it has its own ambiance and corners to explore.


Image Credits to Activision

Then, seven new research laboratories are spread across Caldera, providing Operators with high-value Loadout items.

Battle Pass

The arrival of a fresh Call of Duty season always comes with its unique Battle Pass. Within the 100 tiers of the Season 2 Battle Pass, players will find two brand new functional weapons, the Operator Anna Drake and its “White Mirage” skin, a bundle that allows for a direct skip to Tier 20, and even 1300 COD points to collect while reaching Tier 100.

The list including all the patch notes for Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 is huge. However, it can be explained easily by all the adjustments and bug fixes that needed to be made. The Quality-of-life changes could maybe represent what the community is the most excited for.

Written by Charles Fuster

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