BAPES™ Becomes the Fastest Organically Growing NFT Project to Ever Launch without Spending a Single Dollar
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February 14, 2022

BAPES™ Becomes the Fastest Organically Growing NFT Project to Ever Launch without Spending a Single Dollar

Just two weeks into putting up a splash page on the official BAPES™ website, launching their Twitter and Discord accounts, BAPES™ surpasses all other NFT Projects in growth speed, vision, architecture, doxxed team, and engagement with a community that is nearing 200 thousand from some of the most supportive and passionate members from all over the world.

A Viral NFT Project

BAPES™ has taken the world by storm. Since the beginning, founding partners Erik Lydecker, Brian J. Esposito, and Brian Brue have set out on a vision to give the NFT market something it desperately needs, true utility, amazing artwork, and support and access from legendary business ambassadors made up of the brightest minds from around the world, including:

  • David Meltzer (Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing)
  • Larry Namer (Co-Founder E! TV)
  • Ali Bouhouch (Former CTO of Sephora)
  • Dr. Marc O Griofa (NASA NEEMO Aquanaut)
  • Stephnyie Malik (CEO of SMALIK Enterprises)
  • Sarah Dandashy (Iconic Travel Expert)
  • Christian Giordano (President Mancini Duffy Architects)
  • Charlie Walk (American Music Executive & Entrepreneur)
  • Bob Richards (Founder at Artemis Music & Space Executive)

Image Credits to BAPESCLAN

BAPES has been providing glimpses to the community of its artwork and designs by best in breed designers and animators that have worked for companies such as Pixar, 21st Century Fox, and Disney, of them, the Dubai-based legendary NFT artist Danial Shaikh.

Multi-World Experiences

Being a rare BAPES NFT Holder, which is set to drop later this February, you’ll have exclusive access, privileges, metawards, metadends, and real-life, as well as metaverse, experiences that no other NFT project has offered, or presently can offer.

“I am completely honored to work alongside this incredible BAPES™ team, the powerful list of 25 Business Ambassadors actively supporting this NFT project, and whom will also guide and support the startups and project that the BAPES METAVESTOR METAFUND will get behind, and also with this amazing global community that just continues to grow and flourish,” said CEO and Founder Esposito Intellectual Enterprises as well as Founding Partner at BAPES™ Brian J. Esposito. “I have been involved in some amazing moments in my career, but I have never seen or experienced the movement that is happening here, and I don’t think I’ll see or experience something like this again in my life”

BAPES™ spent $0 on marketing and advertising to date. The entire movement and acceptances from the BAPESCLAN™ community members located around the world have been 100%. organic and genuine.

“Every company, product, technology, piece of IP, or solution I have ever built, or launched, had the same core business principles; find a need, fill a need, price it right, be accessible, give it credibility, support it with the right resources and team, make sure the message is clear to the intended audience, and grow it one customer at a time,” continued Brian. “I believe those strategies to truly be timeless approaches no matter what business or industry, and we are proving that to be true with what we are accomplishing here with BAPES™, and in the NFT market.”

The importance of transparency and the idea of a doxxed team is crucial to the safety and success of projects in the NFT space. In order for this market to grow, gain confidence, trust, and maintain its momentum, team members need to be revealed and accessible.

“Our entire team from its founders, partners, and business ambassadors were clearly announced and made accessible to the community. There were, and still are, a few BAPES Ambassadors that we are quietly holding to properly reveal at the right time. We are not hidden and we are not top down, we are top with. We were proud to be one of the first NFT projects to also successfully use LinkedIn. I have been on that platform since day one, and truly believe it’s one of the most powerful places to find real connection, create amazing value, and there is no better place for our BAPES™, Business Apes, to take care of business. Core team members, including myself, Mr. Lydecker (aka Elochima), and Mr. Brue, are answering direct twitter messages, Linkedin messages, discord private messages, doing live Twitter Spaces and Discord Podiums to thousands of people around the world basically 24/7 and being fully transparent. I mean, isn’t that what blockchain is all about?” continued Brian.

NFT Project

Image Credits to BAPESCLAN

In addition to founding partners Mr. Lydecker, Mr. Esposito, and Mr. Brue, BAPES™ and the BAPESCLAN™ concept was created and supported by Moe Zharia, Michael Padilla, and last but not least NFL New Orleans Saints player Cam Jordan, whom has been seen on his broadcasts and travels fully supporting and talking about BAPES™.

Worldwide Phenomenon

The BAPES™ NFT project has become a global phenomenon, which is why they decided to use this movement for something good and launched the #BAPES143 project for this Valentine’s Month. 143 goes back to the beeper days where you could quickly say “I Love You”. Do something nice for someone, help out at a cause or organization, and/or make a donation to your favorite charity, video document your wonderful work, send to [email protected] and 143 amazing people will be chosen for a highly coveted whitelist spot.

Be cautious; because of the high energy, growth, excitement, and engagement of this NFT project, fake BAPES™ listings have begun to pop up. These are not official, and are not affiliated with this real project. These scammers are out there trying to steal money from the loyal and growing number of community members. BAPES™ has not yet released the NFT drop minting price nor minting date, so please be sure to triple check all information, do not purchase any fake BAPES™ NFTs, and make sure you are getting your information only and directly from official BAPES™ channels.


BAPES is the #1 decentralized metavestor club on the blockchain, initialized as an NFT project but formed and managed as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), that gives rise to the greatest metafund ever created. The metafund will be used to metavest in metaverse-first projects and companies using traditional DAO mechanics and unique de-risking methodologies never before seen. All of the BAPES NFT Holders are considered metavestors, hence owning and monetizing from all of the metavestments done by the BAPESCLAN™, and thus enabling a never before seen construction of passive income possibilities for all holders.

“We want to make it very clear and easy for every BAPES NFT Holder to have direct access to all of the financial gains generated from our successful metavestments,” said BAPES™’s Founding Partner Erik Lydecker. “This will not be your average or traditional way of earning dividends on a yearly basis, dividends that also are restricted and controlled by a small number of board members. The BAPESCLAN™ are taking this to a new level that enables holders to actually withdraw money, from a very special application, on a monthly, weekly and maybe even daily basis.”

The decentralized metafund and metavestor community, built by the BAPESCLAN™, will open up new possibilities never before seen for young entrepreneurs and founders with a focus on access to capital and a direct link to industry leaders and legends, never before accessible via traditional means of investments, such as angel investments, VCs nor crowdfunding.

“I know for a fact, that we are entering into an era of wealth distribution, never before seen in the history of humanity, and the empowerment of the of the 99% in a way that was not even imaginable 10 years ago,” continued Erik Lydecker. “The fundamentals of blockchain technology and the productifications built upon it, will for sure rule all traditional means of finance as a whole, totally obsolete. The future generation will not succumb under any centralized financial power, working nine to five and living paycheck to paycheck, those day are gone all thanks to the amazing DeFi technologies being rapidly developed as we speak. The BAPESCLAN™ is just one example of how this amazing technology is already enabling paradigm shifts, because the world as we know it, after the Great Gathering of the BAPES™, will never be the same again.”

Written by Esportz Network

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