Business Apes and Artemis Space Network Takes BAPES™ NFTs to Space for the Launch of new MetaFund
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February 16, 2022

Business Apes and Artemis Space Network Takes BAPES™ NFTs to Space for the Launch of new MetaFund

Business Apes and the Artemis Space Network partner up to release SpaceBAPES™, NFTs minted from Space, which provides a new investment stream for space tech companies.

NFTs have taken the world by storm, from their empowerment of artists to their use of blockchain technologies. Because of their broad applications, every industry has taken an interest in these non-fungible tokens.


Artemis Space Network™ and Business Apes shared their own expertise to create SpaceBAPES.

Through their partnership, ten thousand Genesis Bapes™ NFTs will be sent to the International Space Station. They will all receive blockchain credentials and certifications, officially making them “cryptonauts”.

Then, through a live-streamed event, owners of these tokens will be able to evolve them into fully operational SpaceBAPES™ NFTs. Furthermore, every owner of these tokens will participate in governing new MetaFund investments, geared towards space tech companies.


Image Credits to Business Apes

Basically, it provides the community with access to tokens from the International Space Station, and also a way to invest in future successful space tech businesses.

“If you get the chance to land on the initial BAPES™ whitelist, and mint a Genesis BAPES™ NFT, you will be given the opportunity never before seen in the history of humanity – to be the owner of the first generative NFT that is minted from space, giving you direct access to space startup metaprofits,” stated BAPES™ Founder and CEO Erik Lydecker.

BAPES x Artemis

Since its launch in January 2022, Business Apes has shown its vision for the future of NFTs. Recruiting talents and ambassadors from a myriad of different backgrounds, BAPES already has its mind in the metaverse.

Through the BAPESCLAN™, all metavestors can grab shared ownership in a lot of different IPs, while earning metawards and metavends.

On the other hand, the Artemis Space Network™ is a space-based commercial platform, which allows artists, producers, creators, curators, and their communities to offer their talents. It has already transmitted its first artworks and music through NFTs in Space at the end of July 2021. Its vision is to develop an accessible to all-digital space economy, advancing the connectivity of space.

Business Apes brings the what to Artemis Space Network’s how, further advancing space innovations while providing the community with never seen before experiences through shared ownership of art in space.

Written by Esportz Network

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