5 CS:GO Betting Games and Proven Winning Strategies
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July 1, 2021

5 CS:GO Betting Games and Proven Winning Strategies

Even with new games popping up every day, CS:GO remains a top-of-mind prolific game for most players thanks to the unique design, high-skill ceiling, competitive mode and strategies, esports tournaments, and betting scene. What are the various types of betting games offered and what strategies to give you a winning edge.

CS:GO Betting

For those who have no clue what CS:GO betting is all about but want to get on board, stay with us. CS:GO, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is an online multiplayer first-person shooter with one of the biggest esports scenes in the world.

In CS:GO esports betting, punters obtain virtual cosmetic items known as skins during gameplay which can be sold for real cash or used as virtual currency. Even though these skins do not influence the game, they are valuable, with some rare types fetching in a fortune on the steam marketplace.

CS:GO skin gambling involves wagering on the outcome of casino games, case opening, or betting on esports tournaments. When depositing money into an account, it is converted to credits. Those credits can be used to buy CS:GO weapons or skins for the game. To withdraw winnings, trade the skins and weapons in the site’s marketplace for real money. Popular weapons and skins are the most expensive in the marketplace.

Types of CS:GO Betting Games

There’s plenty of exciting games available to appeal to all kinds of CS:GO fanatics. We look at the most popular games found at the best CS:GO gambling sites available online.

Fantasy Esports and Drafting

CS:GO betting is big business in the esports world with an array of competitions such as major events, leagues and tournaments. Fantasy CS:GO betting sites often run regular contests around select tournaments and leagues.

At the start, participants pay an entrance fee which makes up the prize pool. They are then granted a specific amount of virtual money to spend on their team. Applicants use real-life seasoned athletes to assemble the best fantasy team. The fantasy team will then compete against other teams in leagues or tournaments. The real test lies in choosing the best players while sticking to a budget. To win, your team must get more points than opponents.

CS:GO fantasy esports and drafting is a betting game of skill. Bettors need to strategize on making the most valuable choices to maximize points using the least amount of money.

Winning Strategies:

Here are valuable tips to help score the most points and maximize winning chances.

  • Hone team drafting and salary capping skills by playing the free fantasy competitions.
  • Research the players and teams in your choice of league or tournament.
  • Build up your stake with more skill and prowess.
  • Points are everything. Luck is nothing.

Jackpot Gambling

Fans will come across two distinct types of CS:GO jackpot gambling: skin jackpot and coin jackpot. For coin jackpots, patrons deposit skins in exchange for coins which can be used to wager on the jackpot. With coin jackpot, bettors don’t get their skins back but get another instead. If they’re lucky, a more valuable skin is received. You can withdraw your money at your convenience and the bets placed don’t rely on skin value.

In skin jackpot, you deposit skins that are stored in the site’s inventory from where they are deposited into the pot. The more you bet, the higher the chances of winning. Whoever wins will collect all the skins in the pot. But bettors don’t get to choose their skins and cannot exchange them for other skins. Betting is instant, though there is usually an eight-day wait to withdraw.

Winning Strategies:

  • Sniping: Join the pot 15-30 seconds before it ends. Timing is key when it comes to sniping. If you’re not fast enough, you’ll end up the first one to get into a pot and other players can snipe you with more valuable items. Sniping is a great method if you have more expensive skins compared to the value of the jackpot.
  • Baiting: This strategy is high-risk and needs two players on board. One player to deposit low value skins at the beginning to lure in snipers into the pot. Once in, the second player snipes the pot


Playing CS:GO roulette is not as complicated as some players think. Once you sign up with a reputable CS:GO site, you can make a deposit using real money, CS:GO skins or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Look out for available bonus offers and promo codes to win new skins and beat the competition.

In roulette, the objective is to pick the correct number the spinning ball will fall on the wheel. You can also bet a combination of numbers or colors. There’s a great selection of variants on offer such as classic slider, 50x wheel, and X-Roulette.

Winning Strategies:

Here are some of the most reliable roulette strategies in the CS:GO betting market.

  • Martingale: Wager your money or skins on a color with at least 2x rewards. Build up your bet until you win. It’s suggested to start off with a small amount since a losing streak can drain your balance to zero.
  • Reverse Martingale: Here, there’s a slight twist. Instead of doubling your stake after losing, you decrease the amount and only double up when you win. Continue doubling your bet with every win until you’re satisfied. You only risk your original bet and what you win. The strategy relies on choosing the correct color in a row numerous times.
  • D’Alembert: This is arguably the safest method. Players can increase their bets after every loss but in smaller margins compared to the previous strategies. Patrons are assured of making a profit at the end of each session since the stake amount increases with each bet. When you win, you’re sure to make a pretty penny and losses do not drain your pockets.


CS:GO coinflip is a fun and easy game with two teams which comprise the two sides of the coins: Terrorists and Counter-terrorists. Players pick their sides and deposit skins they would like to wager on the coinflip match with a 50% winning chance.

Coinflip is popular with most players because it’s a 50/50 gamble and a gamer is more likely to win than playing a casino game. The more valuable the skins are, the higher the probability to win the coin flip. The range of events on CS:GO coinflip sites include 1×2 or Moneyline, Rounds/Maps, Frags, Pumps, and First death.

So how does it work? You bet against another player and the winner bags the entire loot, essentially winning the jackpot.

Winning Strategies:

  • The winning chance is 50/50 whether gambling with coins or skins. There is no way of twisting the odds in one’s favor.

Crash Betting

Crash betting in CS:GO starts with bettors to deposit skins into the exchange site for coins. Wager the coins on a rising graph with an increasing multiplier. When you want to cash out, your win is multiplied by your bet amount. If for example someone bet 50 coins and the graph increased by 3.5, cashing out gives 175 coins, a profit of 125 coins. If the graph crashes before cashing out, the 50 coins are lost.

The game lasts a few seconds with a 10-second window between each session. The multiplier varies with every round based on the graph results.

Winning Strategies:

  • Martingale: Wager on a low amount until the multiplier hits 2x before cashing out. If the graph crashes before cashing out, double the bet for the next session. If you win, you make a decent profit and if you lose, the amount is insignificant.
  • Big Bets: This method is risky more so for high-rollers. The higher the multiplier, the greater the profit and risk involved. Even though the payoff is lucrative, chances are higher to lose out on most rounds.

So far, $5 billion was wagered globally on CS:GO games and that number only continues to grow as the years roll by. CS:GO is an entertaining game and the gambling products and esports betting options that sit alongside it are equally entertaining.

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