An Overview of New VALORANT Agent Neon Abilities
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January 6, 2022

An Overview of New VALORANT Agent Neon Abilities

After being teased for months, new VALORANT agent Neon has officially been revealed with a display of her abilities. The Manila-born agent shows off her electrifying speed, tactile skills, and zapping ultimate.

Hailing from the Philippines, Neon revolves around speed and agility. Deadly in the hands of skilled players, the precise swiftness she can bring when played well can turn the tides of any fight in a flash.

Neon Breakdown

She’s one, if not the fastest VALORANT agent. Neon provides easy-maneuvering, concussive charges, a double-raised wall, and fingers that could zap enemies to death. With her ability kit, Neon’s most likely to be another Duelist or Initiator. However, fans have yet to see her full potential.

Leading into Neon’s ability kit, sprinting and sliding are some of her defining features. Neon can holster her weapons away, dash pretty quickly when needed, and even bring out her gun with ease to fire away. The agent can also slide when running, which propels her forward and makes her a harder target to reach.


Equipped with concussive charges, Neon can stun and disorient enemies like Yoru or KAY/O. These charges work alongside her other abilities, like the double-wall that raises an electric mirrored wall. Lastly, the agent can use her zapping power, conducting it through her fingers. It shocks and damages anyone in the path she aimed this ability towards.


Image Credits to Riot Games

Neon might be a defining agent throughout the upcoming Episode 4 Act 1. She fits in well with most team compositions and doesn’t seem complicated for players to grasp. Despite having a pretty simple ability kit, Neon is unique as there are not many VALORANT agents like her. Players with quick-thinking and precision skills will for sure like this new agent.

She carries so much potential for being an all-around favored agent with what she brings to the table. With such shocking speed, Neon will most likely take over the game by storm, one slide at a time. Neon is expected to release on January 12 alongside Episode 4: Disruption. However, depending on any changes, players can most likely expect her to debut after the start of Episode 4 Act 1.

Written by Jay Hunter

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