Arcane, a League of Legends show, launches soon on Netflix
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May 3, 2021

Arcane, a League of Legends show, launches soon on Netflix

Almost two years after its official announcement, League of Legends animated show Arcane finally has a trailer, released today by Netflix.

Arcane created a lot of hype after its reveal in October 2019. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, this production was delayed to ensure the health and safety of its staff. But now that most companies adapted their working environments, Arcane can finally rise.

League of Legends Arcane

The brand new  Arcane trailer contains only 19 seconds of footage for a League of Legends show. It is enough to catch potential viewers’ attention while still keeping some mystery. In it, both Jinx and Vi are clearly under the spotlight. After all, these two look like this story’s main characters. While many trailers keep this pace, this trailer has one specific trait: there is no dialogue at all.

Arcane still remains an action-adventure animated show. Show viewers will see their favorite League of Legends characters fighting each other in Zaun and Piltover, the protagonists’ regions. Plotwise, it may also explain how they became enemies in the Runeterran lore. Specifically, they will meet a power that will “tear them apart”.

Art and Esports

Netflix also revealed that Arcane is one of their exclusives, further cementing its link with esports. Its first try with DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, the Dota 2 animated show, was a resounding success. However, if League of Legends show Arcane satisfies its viewers, it will create an even better precedent.

The line between esports and mainstream entertainment is slowly closing in. While Heroes of Rivalry brings a visual vibe with its manga, Arcane could be a template for the future of esports’ marketing campaigns. Coming this fall, this Netflix animated show carries a deep meaning for the esports and gaming industry.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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