Is NIP a Solid Pick For IEM Season XVI?
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November 26, 2021

Is NIP a Solid Pick For IEM Season XVI?

Those who follow esports closely know of Ninjas in Pyjamas’s glory and its overwhelming success in the CS:GO esports scene. Since its establishment in 2000, Sweden’s most well-known esports team has racked up wins and victories. From its very beginning, it has embodied many talented and well-known Counter-Strike players and has risen to victory with them. This year, Ninjas in Pyjamas will be representing Europe at IEM Season XVI.

Although it participated in some League of Legends and Dota 2 events, NiP is now completely focused on Valorant, FIFA, Rainbow Six, and Counter-Strike. CS:GO has had a huge impact on esports, with a myriad of teams, each more successful than the other, boasting young talents and high performance at the highest level of competition, like in IEM tournaments.

Representing Europe at IEM Season XVI, NiP already proved how fierce and competitive they can be by becoming the region champion. However, competition is fierce and many of Ninjas in Pyjamas’ competitors will give their all for the championship cup. This is why an analysis of the team’s current and previous status, their achievements, and their real chances is so important.

Can NIP Win IEM Season XVI?

An inter-regional tournament like IEM Winter Season XVI includes a lot of talented, determined, and ambitious teams. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration while predicting the winner, but with the right analysis and follow-up, it is possible to determine which team is more likely to win.

Ninjas in Pyjamas is one of the most passionate teams in CS:GO, winning at least three tournaments every year. They are also known for their series of wins, especially with their endless victories back in 2013. No one should underestimate the power of this team which has very powerful talents. All and all, they are serious IEM Season XVI contenders.

Dev1ce joins NiP

Image Credits to Ninjas in Pyjamas

Fredrik “REZ” Sterner played 850 matches in four years for NiP, earning himself a rating of 1.08. Nicolas “Plopski” Gonzalez Zamora is the rising star of the team with a 1.05 rating. Of course, even though legendary AWPER Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz has been in the team for only 6 months, he is already Ninjas in Pyjamas’ best-rated player (1.12). Their coach, Björn “THREAT” Pers, is key to their many successes, driving them from victory to victory.

Of course, teams like G2 Esports and Gambit Esports are ambitious and hard to beat opponents. However, it is important to not forget how strong NiP really is. After all, the run in 2019 that led them to the IEM Katowice finals was no joke. By looking at every match they played and examining their players in detail, one can better understand whether this team will have its chances at winning IEM Season XVI or not.

The ones who believe that this team, which is #4 in the world ranking, will win should definitely bet on them. Betting on CS:GO has become quite common and can be profitable. Bettors thoroughly enjoy researching every detail to make the best decision. They stay up to date with the latest CS:GO match betting news and odds in order to place their bets profitably.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

NiP has young and passionate talents, who work hours with championships in mind and are not afraid to give their all. The team has its particularities, like clever strategies and great decision-making abilities, that come from a deep understanding of how the game works.

Winning 3 matches out of 6 at PGL Major Stockholm 2021, they fell to what is arguably the best team in Europe in G2. One of the other losses was against Gambit, which produced groundbreaking performances.

Often reaching the late part of high-profile events, Ninjas in Pyjamas’ experience is one of its strongest points. Former Astralis player dev1ce makes a point of always sharing news about the progress of his team on Twitter, like this one: “We believe that we can go all the way, but it’s going to require that we step up”. This is a proof of how they maintain their team spirit in a united and planned manner.

Intel Extreme Masters

Image Credits to Intel Extreme Masters

Dev1ce was selected as the third best CS:GO player of 2020. He participated in bringing Astralis to the top many times in a row. His combination with coach THREAT, a retired professional Counter-Strike, is lethal.

Lately, they have not been that successful, only winning 50% of their matches. Nonetheless, during IEM Fall 2021, they dominated their competition. Cobblestone and Ancient are the team’s most successful maps. But there is no doubt that they will perform well in others as well. The ones who decided to support this golden squad with versatile players have chosen one of the best CS:GO teams out there.

How to Pick the Perfect Team?

A certain level of analytical skills is required to choose a team to bet on. Following the team’s matches and its members, with its win and loss rates, being aware of specific situations in which they perform well or bad, and knowing its coach and up-to-date statistics is what the best betters do.

This may sound difficult, so it makes sense to choose a high profile team like NiP. It’s worth checking out the current esports matches here.

Image Credits to Thunderpick

There is no rule that every team will perform the same all the time. If one particular team loses repeatedly, it could either be due to an intra-team conflict or due to a player’s lack of focus for some personal reason. These are very common things in the esports community, and the passing of time is usually the best answer. Another solution is to turn to other esports teams.

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