NaVi Upsets Gambit in BLAST Premier World Final
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December 20, 2021

NaVi Upsets Gambit in BLAST Premier World Final

The 2021 CS:GO season ended with the BLAST Premier World Final. With a million-dollar prize pool, it was the feather in the cap for Natus Vincere, who defeated Gambit 2-1 to end their year on a high.

The Grand finals was an all-CIS affair as Gambit faced Natus Vincere. Navi, the overwhelming favorite coming into the tournament, suffered a surprise 0-2 loss to Team Liquid early on. However, the team managed to burn through the lower bracket, defeating several top-tier teams like Vitality, G2 esports, Heroic, and got back at Team Liquid before reaching the Grand Final.

BLAST Premier World Final


Navi picked Mirage as the first map. They have recently become increasingly comfortable on it, so it wasn’t a big surprise to see them go for it. After a few back and forth rounds, Navi managed to string together a few CT rounds to take the lead in the first half. They were down 6-9 after the first half, but it was Gambit’s early T-side dominance that helped them close Mirage. Although leading in the series, Gambit Esports needed to remain alert in view of Navi’s recent hot streak.


As we moved into Ancient, all eyes were on Navi as this tournament was theirs to lose. S1mple and electronic went on a rampage on Map 2, with 26 and 24 kills respectively. The duo was able to repeatedly break through Gambit’s defense on the A bombsite, allowing them the slight edge to win the second map. After tying the series 1-1, it all came down to the final map, Inferno.


Inferno has been a tried and tested Map 3 over the past few years. However, to Gambit’s disappointment, it is also one of Navi’s favorite maps. They were utterly dominant on Inferno, a far cry from the close nature of the first two maps. With a 27-9 kill death ratio, there was simply no stopping S1mple. Gambit never found its momentum in the game and ultimately lost the Grand Final.

Natus Vincere

With this victory comes the end to a very successful 2021 for Natus Vincere. The team has broken several CS:GO records over the past few months and it ends 2021 on a high with the BLAST Premier World Final victory. With this victory, Navi has surpassed Astralis as the highest-grossing CS:GO team in a single year.

Written by Rohan Samal

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