TenZ replaces Sinatraa on Sentinels for VCT Masters
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March 11, 2021

TenZ replaces Sinatraa on Sentinels for VCT Masters

Esports team Sentinels announced today that Tyson “TenZ” Ngo will play on its VALORANT esports team for VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Masters. Normally a VALORANT player for Cloud9, he will replace Jay “Sinatraa” Won because of Riot Games suspending Sinatraa due to pending claims of abuse.

Sentinels Esports TenZ

Following accusations of abusive behavior towards Sinatraa, Sentinels needed to find a replacement to compete. VCT Masters Stage 1 begins and the team can’t compete without a full 5-man roster. And in just over a day, the team worked with Cloud9 to borrow one of their best players. Luckily, TenZ no longer plays on the official C9 VALORANT team and is just streams under their banner. This means C9 only loses some of its streaming talent while Sentinels gains another powerhouse player.

Though the loss of Sinatraa on Sentinels’ VALORANT esports team is huge, his replacement is no joke. TenZ often carried the Cloud9 roster before leaving professional play. While the synergy and communication will struggle for Sentinels as the team adapts to a new player, the talent is strong. Fans wonder if this roster may even become stronger with TenZ onboard.

Sinatraa and VALORANT

The biggest point of discussion that VALORANT esports fans wonder about is if this trade is truly temporary. TenZ leaving Cloud9 to play professionally for Sentinels works out but for how long? The assumption is that this is just temporary until Sinatraa returns or there’s a permanent replacement. Because most don’t know the details of this deal, it’s possible TenZ permanently plays for Sentinels. Riot Games shared the competitive ruling updates and to comply, Sentinels acquired all rights to TenZ. Will TenZ go back to Cloud9?

For now, fans can do nothing but speculate about what happens. VCT Masters started today for North America and watching how the new Sentinels team performs in VALORANT esports with Cloud9’s TenZ and no Sinatraa is the best way to keep updated.

Written by Justin Amin

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