The Cube Queen Takes Over in Fortnite Season 8
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November 24, 2021

The Cube Queen Takes Over in Fortnite Season 8

Fortnite Season 8 is set to end on December 5, marking the start of Chapter 3 of Battle Royale a few days later. As chaos continues to escalate on the Island, the protectors of the island are outgunned, outnumbered, and outsmarted by the cube monsters and their wicked queen.

Fortnite Season 8

Dr. Stone Betrayal

Meanwhile, the IO boss, Dr. Slone is teaming up with Naruto and Team 7 to stop the cubes. During the Operation: Sky Fire live event, she recruited a group of loopers to help build a bomb that would destroy the alien mothership. However, after the loopers helped her dispatch the bomb, Dr. Slone left them for dead on the mothership. The IO boss took some piece of alien tech and matched it to a Redacted Bunker where she built her base.


As the mothership exploded, countless cubes spattered across the island. First appearing like the loopers’ ultimate saviors, these cubes lay harmless and stationary at the periphery of the map. But their goals soon came to light as they soon started circling the map and moving towards the center, spreading corruption. It was all to build a platform for the Cube Queen to decimate the map. How the cubes function remains a mystery but players had interacted with Kevin the Cube in Fortnite Chapter 1.

The Cube Queen

Once the monolithic cubes reached the center, where the Zero Point previously stood, they began building the Cube Pyramid. Soon, the Cube Queen finally appeared, making her intentions clear from the start–take over the island of Apollo. The ruthless and powerful queen summoned the monsters from the Sideways, commanding them to lay the island down to waste. The Sideways, often used by players to enter other dimensions, are now dominated by Cube Monsters. No one knew the masters had such a villainous queen that would bring the island to its end.

The End Event

The Cube Queen has unleashed havoc on the map, settling at nothing until she destroys Apollo. As Dr. Slone, Naruto, and Team 7 band together to fight the Cube Queen, they are building up the momentum of “The End” live event that is likely to place on December, 4. In the end, the Black Hole will reappear, leading the players to Fortnite Chapter 3.

Written by Daniella Johnson

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