What the 2021-2022 RLCS Season Has in Stock
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September 15, 2021

What the 2021-2022 RLCS Season Has in Stock

During an eventful live stream on Twitch, Psyonix presented the new shape of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) for the 2021-2022 esports season.

Three more regions join the battlefield, adding even more fuel to the competitive scene. The brand new prize pool of $6 million makes Rocket League esports even more attractive. The format update also makes it even easier for everyone to follow.

RLCS Regions and Format

Three new regions are set to make their debut in Rocket League esports: Asia-Pacific North and South, as well as Middle East & North Africa. The two best teams performing in the Sub-Saharan Africa region will also get an invite to the Rocket League World Championship Wildcard. The 2022 RLCS season should be the most diverse fans have ever seen.

RLCS Format and Schedule

Image Credits to Psyonix

In addition, all regions will perform under the same rules, allowing more accurate comparisons and standings. Three Splits (Fall, Winter, and Spring), all having three Regional events and a Major, lead to the 2022 Rocket League World Championship.

  • The Fall Split (October 15 to December 12) features a Swiss format
  • The Winter Split (January 14 to March 17) is organized around a Group Stage.
  • A true double-elimination seals the deal in the Spring Split (April 29 to July 3rd).

All Regional Events require a qualification from an Open Qualifier, with one exception. Teams who proved their worth at the previous Regional Event are already qualified.

2022 Rocket League Esports

Throughout the 2022 RLCS season, teams must perform their best to gather enough points for a Rocket League World Championship ticket. 16 esports teams from America, Europe, Oceania, Africa, and Asia will decide who deserves the title of 2022 Rocket League World Champion.

LANs are also coming back to Rocket League esports, starting with the Fall Regional Major in Stockholm, where only players are allowed. Gathering these giants of the scene into the same arena is a priority for every RLCS Major and the 2022 Rocket League World Championship. Still, Psyonix keeps a tab on the situation, probably looking for an opportunity to allow for a crowd to participate.

During the live stream, there was a whole section about multiple changes to the Esports Shop. A brand new website should also make an appearance next year. Finally, spectators can look forward to seeing more of the best RLCS plays with the new Broadcast packages.

Written by Charles Fuster

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