League of Legends Patch 11.24 Scales Champion Abilities
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December 7, 2021

League of Legends Patch 11.24 Scales Champion Abilities

The 2022 League of Legends preseason is slowly coming to a close. However, before the return to competitive play, Riot Games made updates to Champions, items, runes, and more in this 11.24 Patch.

It is the developer’s responsibility to balance the game. It is never good for any game to have an overrepresentation of playable characters or usable items. This is precisely what this patch covers, alongside changes for ARAM and Ultimate Spellbook.

LoL 11.24 Patch

Among Champions changes, Caitlyn’s was a bit unique. Her Headshot ability, which did not behave as intended when revived, was fixed. Riot Games decided to limit Camille’s damage output by decreasing nerfing both Tactical Sweep and Hookshot. For Krugs, his experience and gold reward have been increased, making him a more viable option.

Image Credits to Riot Games

Kled was a tricky Champion to update. Riot Games has opted to give all base health to Kled and all bonus health to Skaarl. Knowing it would greatly change his utility on the rift, his Violent Tendencies and Jousting respectively saw a cooldown decrease and damage increase. Samira is back in full force, with an Inferno Trigger that does not require mana at all.

The League of Legends Patch 11.24 made a lot of abilities scalable instead of flat. Twitch’s Spray and Pray and Kayle’s Divine Ascent now scale perfectly with their bonus attack range. It is also the case for the passive ability Echoing Flames and Purge attack of Urgot.

Item and Rune Tweaks

There will always be some items or runes that are overperforming and need some balance. For example, the Cosmic Drive item and the Glacial Augment rune were some of the player base’s favorites and therefore got nerfed a bit. On the other hand, Conqueror and the Archangel’s Staff really needed some kind of boost.

League of Legends

Image Credits to Riot Games

Riot Games has discarded the changes made during the previous patch, returning Dragons to their normal selections rates. The Hextech and Chemtech Drake buffs saw some improvements, although only the latter received a slight nerf.

There is also quite a lot of updates for Ultimate Spellbook. There are new Ult-ernate summoner spells for Cassiopeia, Diana, Ekko, Fizz, Nasus, Poppy, Ryze, and Singed while Janna and Rell got some of their removed. For ARAM, there are a lot of changes to Melee and assassin buffs, Champion buffs, and nerfs, as well as a long list of bug fixes.

In addition, the League of Legends 11.24 Patch, which releases on December 9 during the 2022 preseason, comes with lots of new Debonair Skins and Chroma.

Written by Charles Fuster

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