Top 20 Twitch Streamers Hourly Wages Revealed
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February 3, 2022

Top 20 Twitch Streamers Hourly Wages Revealed

On its official website, Kapwing has revealed the hourly wages of the most efficient Twitch Streamers. Its calculations are of course based on the recent Twitch “creators data leak.”

Twitch Data Leak

For every hour streamed, the top ten most efficient streamers earn $1,477 on average. It comes down to $732 per hour as far as the top fifty Twitch content creators are concerned.

Furthermore, in an entire year, the top ten have streamed for over 2,700 hours each on average while the top fifty needed 3,719 hours to reach their income.

Twitch 10 Streamers Data Leak

Image Credits to Kapwing

At the top of the list stands Minecraft superstar RanbooLive. He has amassed over $2.4 million by streaming a bit more than a thousand hours of gameplay. RanbooLive has Twitch’s highest hourly wage, with around $2,400 per hour earnings.

According to Kapwing, a waiter would have to work 160 hours on average to match Ranboo’s hourly income.

Superstar Model

Twitch has always been promoting its platform as a way for upcoming streamers to find their community. However, it has become way easier to simply draw new spectators to already proven content creators.

Around half of the streamer, earnings go towards 10% of streamers. After all,  advertising revenue only comes with proportional viewership.

Of course, the highest earner is Twitch itself. Like every other business, the platform has both announcers and shareholders to satisfy. The former is usually satisfied by a mass audience to market their products while the latter cares about the rentability of their investment.

There are every year stories of Twitch Streamers becoming famous, but they fit more the pattern of an exception rather than the rule.

Written by Charles Fuster

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