League of Legends Patch 12.3 Buffs Brand, Quinn and Lillia
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January 26, 2022

League of Legends Patch 12.3 Buffs Brand, Quinn and Lillia

After nearly a month of Season 12, League of Legends will receive the 12.3 patch next week. Riot Games’ developer Phlox explained how it should adjust champions and aim “to shift light fighters toward lower-durability itemization.”

The update will hit various AD items, giving them a tweak to nerf mostly physical damage-reliant champions. It mostly separates tanky versus high AD-based champions. Essentially, it should make bruisers feel tankier than just doomsday events for softer champions after hitting mid-game.

League of Legends Patch 12.3


Riot Games released such a significant patch last week, dishing out the newest champion and a couple of uncalled buffs. Safe to say, some adjustments were just bound to happen at some point.

There will be nerfs for a mix of magical and physical damage-focused champions. One of the most noticeable changes is damage-based nerfs to Twisted Fate’s Q, W, and even E skill. Additionally, Caitlyn’s AD growth percentage went down. Subsequently, the marksman’s secondary for her Q ability was reduced by 10%.


Image Credits to Riot Games

Multiple burst-type champions who rely on quick and explosive attacks, like Corki, Senna, Akshan, and Leblanc will also get nerfed by this LoL 12.3 patch. Those champions will primarily take on damage reductions towards their abilities and passives.


The brand new character Zeri will no longer gain ultimate stacks from Hurricane as an item. However, Lillia, Quinn, and Brand join the upside with small to medium buffing. Lillia gets a buff on her ultimate sleep duration. Quinn will receive more attack speed with her W skill and the champion’s R ability now does an additional 30% AD on Skystrike.

Image Credits to Riot Games | League of Legends

Penultimately, Brand allows players to farm more efficiently as his passive will refund mana per spell kill. Prioritizing opponents nearby, Brand’s R will affect enemies on a close-area basis. Finally, Ahri and Nami will be adjusted. Ahri’s passive only heals on kill and her R skill gains an extra dash on elimination. LoL Patch 12.3 also gives Nami’s passive more movement speed, but it’ll decay.

Despite their earlier disappearances, the Chemtech Drake, Soul, and Terrain make a comeback next week with various adjustments made on functions, bonus damage, and movement.

Like any other, the patch aims to settle the table for players. Now that AD champions take the reign, players finally have the resources to face their enemy’s top laners. The League of Legends patch 12.3, which hit live servers on Wednesday, February 2, should shake up Season 12 a little bit.

Written by Jay Hunter

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