Rocket League Season 5 is Out of this World
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November 17, 2021

Rocket League Season 5 is Out of this World

Now more than ever, the Rocket League community is thrilled. The racing ball game finally made it to space with Season 5, promising a lot of original content to explore.

Throughout their lifespans, online games with a competitive ranking system need updates to keep the action fresh. This is why Rocket League is now entering its fifth season, centered around space. It is time to look at why players are particularly excited about this new Season.

Starbase Arc

The new Rocket League Season 5 trailer pictures a darker and thematic looking Starbase Arc map. New cars are now available as well, with the Nexus and Nexus SC available after buying the new Rocket Pass Premium. On top of all the fun aesthetics and fresh rankings, Rocket League players can now use the new reporting system to keep the community nice and clean.

Starbase Arc Map

Image Credits to Psyonix

Players that are looking for more action-based gameplay can look forward to the return of the Heatseeker Ricochet game mode. In this mode, anytime a player deflects the ball, it speeds up and gravitates towards their opponent’s goal. Even casual players get a kick out of such a high-action-based game mode.

Players who competed in Season 4 will receive rewards depending on their ranking during that period. For example, a Platinum I or higher ranking gets the platinum wheels and lower wheels. Having competed in tournaments throughout Season 4 also grant players special banners. To level up the playing field, Psyonix reset all tournament credits at the start of season 5.

Rocket League Season 5

Players will be starting fresh in the new season, having plenty of time to climb the ranks. As usual, there are loads of new space-themed items for players to choose from. Players can also check out the new space dirt paint finish and hyperspace animated decal.

Nexus FC

Image Credits to Psyonix

The start of a new competitive season is always one of the best times to get into a new game. It leaves the game feeling fresh and everyone is excited to dive right back into competitive play. Newcomers interested in trying to game out will find the start of Season 5 to be the perfect time for some shenanigans behind the driving wheel.

Rocket League Season 5 starts today (November 17) and will last until March 9th. It leaves four whole months for players to try to make it to the legendary Supersonic Legend ranking.

Written by Daniel Borjas

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